Jean Todt with the support letter from the meeting in Uruguay held in March

Photo: Jean Todt with the support letter from the meeting in Uruguay held in March.

David Ward has warned that his rival Jean Todt has ‘jump started’ the FIA’s election race, breaking rules that threaten to undermine the fairness of the FIA’s 2013 presidential contest.

Responding to a letter from Jorge Tomasi, President of the Automobile Club of Uruguay, David Ward explains why he has made a formal complaint to the FIA’s Ethics Committee about ‘support letters’ for Jean Todt promoted at a series of regional meetings in Latin America and Asia before the official start of the election. “The use of support letters well in advance of the Presidential election period” Ward argues, represents “a serious breach of the FIA laws, rules and regulations…They should not have happened, and the breach of the rules should be investigated and subject to an appropriate penalty”.

David Ward also suggests that “at the very least it would be in the best interest of the FIA if all the support letters signed before 6th September now be revoked. By declaring them to be null and void, all the clubs involved would be released from any obligation they feel they may have unwittingly made before the election process had officially begun. The FIA membership can then engage in the election process transparently, without prior commitment, and make their choice based on a fair comparison of the candidates and their respective manifestoes”.

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